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NZ Indian Business Association Inc. (NZIBA) is a non-profit organization, which was incorporated in the year 2019, when the need was felt by small retail businesses to collaborate to find ways to resolve the issues, problems & challenges faced by them in the absence of any formal support system, particularly in the area of compliance which requires resources, knowledge, and expertise.

Due to the complexity of the framework within which the small and medium-sized- businesses are required to operate, the sharing of knowledge & professional support plays a key role to ensure adherence to the provisions in the policies in the following areas:

  • Employment Law compliance
  • Liquor Law compliance
  • Health & Safety standards in the workplace
  • Any other areas unspecified elsewhere.


Our Membership base
Dairy Shops, Bottle stores, Core retail services etc. operating throughout the country, do need advocacy of the issues faced by them. NZIBA provides offers opportunities for advocacy for issues affecting the performance, profitability and progress of the businesses.

Electricians, Plumbers, builders, painters, carpenters, installation service providers operate within stricter regime to meet compliance in the area of their operations such as employment, health and safety etc. They can benefit by information-sharing & discussions leading to cost-effective solutions.
Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Motels, Travel & Tourism etc. are able to discuss their specific operational issues, product –sourcing , staffing and in-house practices within the industry. The discussions and exchange of ideas offer viable solutions at times and also help with profit-generation.


1. To establish and promote the welfare of the business community and provide a medium for networking and collaboration.
2. To be diligent in analysing business problems and difficulties, bringing them under the limelight to resolve to help businesses to operate smoothly.
3. To examine business matters concerning safety, security, theft and disputes and how to minimize them.
4. To organize seminars for the members to raise awareness and knowledge to improve business protocol.
5. To work collectively to maintain unity.
6. To report business problems to the government and the relevant authorities through petitions, submissions and memorandums.
7. To arrange sources through which employment standards and records can be accurately kept to avoid breaches.


We conduct regular meetings and special meetings, if required to discuss any issues requiring immediate attention & focus. The NZIBA team is motivated and available to listen the concerns of the members, find ways to overcome the issues and if required, making representation on behalf of the members before the relevant authority/ department.

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