About Us


About Us

NZ Indian Business Association Inc. (NZIBA) is a non-profit organization, which was incorporated in the year 2019, when the need was felt by small retail businesses to collaborate to find ways to resolve the issues, problems & challenges faced by them in the absence of any formal support system, particularly in the area of compliance which requires resources, knowledge, and expertise.

Due to the complexity of the framework within which the small and medium-sized- businesses are required to operate, the sharing of knowledge & professional support plays a key role to ensure adherence to the provisions in the policies in the following areas:

  • Employment Law compliance
  • Liquor Law compliance
  • Health & Safety standards in the workplace
  • Any other areas unspecified elsewhere.

Quite often, the professional, advisory, and consulting services prove expensive even when it comes to minor issues and problems at the workplace. The enthusiastic team of NZIBA works relentlessly to provide all initial resources required in the resolution of any business-related issues, particularly in the areas such as employment, health & safety, liquor law compliance& security issues. The resources provided by the NZIBA team to its members often prove to belife-saver when it comes to scrutiny by the authorities.

While we do not boast of being a perfect substitute for any professional advice or legal help, our members still find the platform quite resourceful when it comes to getting first-hand information on any business related issues. In order to address more complex issues, NZIBA team is capable to guide and refer to the professionals/ advisors who are experienced in their specialised field, knowledgeable yet prove to be less expensive. Still, many of the trivial issues can be resolved without requiring external consulting, thus saving operational costs.

Saving each dollar in the business is an extra dollar earned. So, with these objectives in mind, our focus remains on providing cost-effective solutions to the common issues faced by the small businesses owned and operated by Indian immigrants.

Why Join us ?

Once you become a member, you get access to bundle of opportunities such as:
➢ taking up important issues affecting the business performance and representing them by making submissions to the department and ministerial level.
➢ Opportunity to interact with other members of the business community for establishing stronger network.
➢ Opportunity to attend various workshops/ training sessions at subsidised price.
➢Making recommendations for professional help in Legal, employment , Health & Safety areas whenever required.
➢ Opportunity to avail any group discounts through Special deals secured by Association on behalf of members in certain areas.
Dairy Shops, Bottle stores, Core retail services etc. operating throughout the country, do need advocacy of the issues faced by them. NZIBA provides offers opportunities for advocacy for issues affecting the performance, profitability and progress of the businesses.
Trades Person
Electricians, Plumbers, builders, painters, carpenters, installation service providers operate within stricter regime to meet compliance in the area of their operations such as employment, health and safety etc. They can benefit by information-sharing & discussions leading to cost-effective solutions.
Professional Service
: Financial advisors, Insurance providers, Immigration Consultants etc., are able to find opportunities of their client-base as the members are able to source these services easily through the networking.

Hospitality Businesses
Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Motels, Travel & Tourism etc. are able to discuss their specific operational issues, product –sourcing , staffing and in-house practices within the industry. The discussions and exchange of ideas offer viable solutions at times and also help with profit-generation.

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